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SAR Journal of Medical Biochemistry | Volume-3-Issue-03


May 15, 2022

Evaluation of Bacteria Species Associated with the Skin and Oral Surface of Different Occupational Groups

 Iyevhobu K.O, Airefetalor AI, Omolumen LE, Osagiede EK, Ikede RE, Ken-Iyevhobu BA, Elimian A

SAR J Med Biochem | Pages : 31-38
DOI : 10.36346/sarjmb.2022.v03i03.001

May 29, 2022

Immunological Detection of Interleukin-1alpha (IL-1α) in Iraqi Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

 Zainab Ali Hlail, Khalil Ismail Abid Mohammed

SAR J Med Biochem | Pages : 39-42
DOI : 10.36346/sarjmb.2022.v03i03.002

June 5, 2022

Human Associated Microbiota Identification by Using Sequence-Based Methods

 Majid A. AL-Bayati, Firas Nabeeh Jaafar, Hadeel Kareem Musafer, Maan Abdul Azeez, Zahraa Kareem Raheem

SAR J Med Biochem | Pages : 43-50
DOI : 10.36346/sarjmb.2022.v03i03.003

June 22, 2022

Caffeine's Effect on Blood Pressure in Sudanese Women in East Gezira State-Sudan, 2018

 Abderrhman Ahmed Mohamed Ismaeil, Nahla Ahmed Mohammed Abderahman, Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed, Nihal Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla, Mosab Nouraldein Mohammed Hamad*

SAR J Med Biochem | Pages : 51-53
DOI : 10.36346/sarjmb.2022.v03i03.004

June 30, 2022

Effect of Shisha (Water-Pipe) Smoking on Serum Lipid Profile and Antioxidant Vitamins among Smokers in Kano Metropolis

 Ibrahim H M, Waziri B I, Aliyu A, Atiku M K

SAR J Med Biochem | Pages : 58-64
DOI : 10.36346/sarjmb.2022.v03i03.005

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