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South Asian Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (SARJHSS)

May 3, 2021

Assessment of Stakeholders’ Perception of Government Approach towards Civic Engagement and Community Integration in Osun State, Nigeria

 Prof. Babatunde Adeniyi Adeyemi, Dr. Olusegun Ojo Bakare

South Asian Res J Human Soc Sci | Pages : 81-86
DOI : 10.36346/sarjhss.2021.v03i03.001

April 24, 2021

Monetary Policy Instruments and the Control of Inflation in Nigeria: A Time-Series Analysis

 Clement Korgbeelo, Deebii Nwiado

South Asian Res J Human Soc Sci | Pages : 71-80
DOI : 10.36346/sarjhss.2021.v03i02.006

April 13, 2021

Discourse Markers in English and Vietnamese Communication

 Pham Ngoc Diem

South Asian Res J Human Soc Sci | Pages : 63-70
DOI : 10.36346/sarjhss.2021.v03i02.005

April 1, 2021

Communicative Tasks in a Beginner Coursebook: An Evaluation at the University of Transport and Communications

 Nguyen Kim Vu Bao

South Asian Res J Human Soc Sci | Pages : 56-62
DOI : 10.36346/sarjhss.2021.v03i02.004

March 29, 2021

Let’s Have Happy Life as a Husband of Good Wife! (Translation Through on Korean Pronunciation of 977th-1000th of Tcheonzamun)

 Hyeonhi Regina Park, Rosa Kim, Alain Hamon, Sohwa Therese Kim, Sangdeog Augustin Kim

South Asian Res J Human Soc Sci | Pages : 45-46
DOI : 10.36346/sarjhss.2021.v03i02.002

March 29, 2021

Studies of the Influence of the Oil and Gas Industries on the American Energy Policy Act of 2005

 Felix F. Barikor

South Asian Res J Human Soc Sci | Pages : 47-55
DOI : 10.36346/sarjhss.2021.v03i02.003

March 26, 2021

Error Analysis in Korean-English Translation-with Special Reference to The Ropewalker by Yi Chong Jun

 Flourish Kamei

South Asian Res J Human Soc Sci | Pages : 37-44
DOI : 10.36346/sarjhss.2021.v03i02.001

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