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South Asian Research Journal of Arts, Language and Literature (SARJALL)

March 2, 2023

Hedging as a Crisis Communication Strategy: The Case of the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon (2016-2020)

 Arnold Mafor Ngwobela, Victor Ngu Cheo, Carlous Muluh Nkwetisama

South Asian Res J Art Lang Lit | Pages : 34-44
DOI : 10.36346/sarjall.2023.v05i02.001

Feb. 28, 2023

A Survey on the uses of Mobile Phones in Facilitating English Learning for Students at Transport and Communications University in Ho Chi Minh City

 Tran Thi Thanh Loan

South Asian Res J Art Lang Lit | Pages : 27-33
DOI : 10.36346/sarjall.2023.v05i01.004

Feb. 28, 2023

Linguistic Characteristics in English Food Advertising Slogans

 Ha Thi Thanh

South Asian Res J Art Lang Lit | Pages : 20-26
DOI : 10.36346/sarjall.2023.v05i01.003

Feb. 18, 2023

Impact of English Proficiency on National Prosperity: Comparative Study on the Outer Circle and the Expanding Circle

 Shigeru Ozaki

South Asian Res J Art Lang Lit | Pages : 11-19
DOI : 10.36346/sarjall.2023.v05i01.002

Jan. 23, 2023

Evaluation of Language Disordered Children with Dyslexia and Teachers’ Awareness in Port Harcourt City

 Genevive C. Osuji, Shirley Yul-Ifode

South Asian Res J Art Lang Lit | Pages : 1-10
DOI : 10.36346/sarjall.2023.v05i01.001

Dec. 8, 2022

Lexical Features in Food Advertising Slogans in American English and Vietnamese

 Thai Thi Xuan Ha, Nguyen Kim Vu Bao

South Asian Res J Art Lang Lit | Pages : 161-166
DOI : 10.36346/sarjall.2022.v04i05.003

Dec. 2, 2022

Treatment of Pragmatic Information in the Chinese-English Dictionary

 Lixin Xia

South Asian Res J Art Lang Lit | Pages : 157-160
DOI : 10.36346/sarjall.2022.v04i05.002

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