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South Asian Research Journal of Business and Management (SARJBM) | Volume-1-Issue-4


Dec. 25, 2019

Total Quality Management Practices and Performance of Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) in Nigeria

 Asenge, Emmanuel Lubem, Adudu, C.A., Torough, S.M

South Asian Res J Bus Manag | Pages : 161-167
DOI : 10.36346/sarjbm.2019.v01i04.001

Dec. 25, 2019

Effect of Networking on Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Benue State, Nigeria

 EKEH Loveday Ojotu, TSETIM James Tersoo, OGUCHE Michael Kenneth

South Asian Res J Bus Manag | Pages : 168-177
DOI : 10.36346/sarjbm.2019.v01i04.002

Dec. 30, 2019

Assessment of Different Business Models for Renewable Energy

 Olusoyi Richard Ashaye, Husam Helmi Alharahsheh

South Asian Res J Bus Manag | Pages : 178-181
DOI : 10.36346/sarjbm.2019.v01i04.003

Dec. 30, 2019

Air Transportation in Brazil: Guarulhos International Airport

 Dr. Murillo de Oliveira Dias

South Asian Res J Bus Manag | Pages : 182-187
DOI : 10.36346/sarjbm.2019.v01i04.004

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